About us:

NonKor company was established in January 2016 in response to growing interest in the area of anticorrosive technologies. Our experience was gained based on the market during the last decade (in cooperation with PKN Orlen, among others) and dealing with anticorrosive works. We became specialists in technology and the range of works necessary to achieve proper anticorrosive protection.

NonKor Service Profile:

We are in partnership with many important producers of anticorossive paints and mixtures: International, Breston Hempel, Jotun, Teknos-Oliva, Sigma, Carboline, Zinga, KCC.

Our offer:

  • one ingredient paints: alkyds, acrylics, polyvinyls, paints on corossion
  • two ingredient paints: epoxides, polyurethanes
  • professional paints: ethyl-silicates, temperature-proof paints, fireproof paints
  • anticorrosive mixtures

The right choice of a good paint system that will provide effective anticorrosion protection depends on many factors. That is why the thorough analysis by our company will guarantee the best possible technological and economical solution for certain working conditions. The painting sets offered by NonKor Service find their use in many different types of corrosion environment, from C1 to C5-M, according to the norm ISO PN-EN 12944.

We provide complete technical assistance (FROSIO, IBDiM) in anticorrosion works (the choice of paint systems), quality control and measurements.

Please include in your inquiry:

  1. type of construction (its weight and surface)
  2. type of corrosion environment
  3. type of system – outdoor/indoor
  4. surface colour
  5. required warranty period
  6. type of paint (one or two ingredients)
  7. clearing of the surface

To learn more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.